3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Influencer Marketing

Woman viewing social media images on her iPad.

Love it or hate it, influencer endorsements have become a crucial aspect of marketing for lifestyle brands. We know that as a startup, it can be tough to decide how to invest your marketing dollars. And that’s understandable. There are so many options that you could focus on: digital ads, paid social, experiential marketing, email campaigns, branded partnerships, pop-ups, trade shows and so much more. But we’ll let you in on a little secret: influencers can help you with all of that! And it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here is why we think you should take the leap and invest in influencer marketing for your small business.


Establish credibility with your target customers.

Influencers aren’t just people who like to take pretty photos — they are content experts. They know exactly how to create authentic relationships with their followers, create content that appeals to those followers and how to introduce your brand to their audience in a creative + meaningful way. So why not tap into their expertise? Whether you source micro-influencers for a national social media campaign, co-host an event with a popular local influencer or even co-create a new product or collection with a stylish creator you admire, having an influential person talk about your brand will undoubtedly establish credibility among your target customers.


Boost SEO + drive web traffic.

Driving new and potential customers to your website is the ultimate goal of any social media campaign -- and influencer campaigns are no different. Having content creators promote your brand will help you gain new social media followers, boost SEO + digital mentions for your brand and increase traffic to your brand’s website. And there are so many ways to do it! Sponsored social media posts, sponsored blog posts, affiliate links, guest posts on your company blog — they all create backlinks that drive an influencer’s audience to your website and encourage them to learn more about your products. Once those followers come to your website, you can utilize retargeting ads, drip email campaigns and more to win their loyalty.


Get fresh new marketing content.

Every content creator has a unique creative style, so influencer marketing campaigns are the perfect opportunity to get beautiful content that you can repurpose for your brand’s marketing channels. Whether you repost their content on your brand’s Instagram feed (with proper tagging, of course!), highlight the campaign images on your website, use the images to promote your products in social ads or pop a few images in your upcoming email newsletters, the possibilities are endless! But before you do all of that, make sure you have a conversation with the influencers first so there are clear expectations and consent to utilize their content. We always recommend having a partnership contract in place that outlines this information.


Our final thoughts.

Credibility, web traffic and fresh content are just a few reasons why influencer marketing is so beneficial — there are so many other reasons, and we could honestly talk about it all day! But it all comes down to this: when you have clear goals + expectations, develop the right strategies and source the right influencers, you can truly maximize the success of any public relations + marketing campaign. Influencer marketing might seem daunting to a new or emerging brand, but it doesn’t need to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Influencer campaigns can supplement the marketing strategies you already have in place and draw more eyes to your brand overall.


No matter where you are in your brand journey, we’re happy to provide any insight you need to decide if influencer marketing is right for you. If you need help developing your influencer marketing strategy, check out our free Influencer Marketing Strategy Template. And if you'd like to learn how Rani Public Relations can help with your influencer marketing needs or you just need someone to bounce ideas off of, give us a shout!